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Artist impression of Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link Station in Bukit Chagar, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Photo: MRT Corp

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As engineering services shift from a transactional to transformational approach, Strides Engineering encourages a growth mindset with a belief in potential and innovation.

Rail Engineering Solutions

Identify and Correct Causes of Failures to Prevent Recurrences

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Advanced Train Door Sensor​

Video-enabled early-warning system pro-actively identifies potential problems to prevent door failure.

Track Noise Control​

Mitigate the impact of rail-induced vibrations and noise with customised, complete, and cost-effective solutions.

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Environmental Characterization for Track Signaling​

Pinpoint signal interference caused by ambient and equipment-generated electromagnetic noise to improve reliability of signaling, and communications systems.

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Track Health Monitoring On-the-go

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Power Rail Sag Alert (PRSA)

PRSA is a condition monitoring system for the power rail network. It provides real time alerts during revenue service on detected defects, for timely mitigation.

Track Condition Index (TCI)

TCI is a track vibration monitoring system that is mounted on service trains. Quantified measures are used to support maintenance planning and assess lifetime performance of asset.

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Make Track Inspections Safe, Efficient and Productive

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Train-enabled Track & Electrification Sub-Structure (TESS) Inspector

Patented system uses passenger trains as track inspection vehicles to hunt down potential problems before they happen.

The TESS Inspector tracks differences between the injected and received signals at the Third Rail & Running Rail and provides unique signatures of existing track defects. The location of these signatures are then logged down for follow-up inspections and repairs as necessary.

Train-borne monitoring supplements existing track inspection activities for more effective maintenance.

No More Cutting Open Parts to Look for Defects

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Axle Inspection Robot​

Performs Ultrasound NDT of train axles in just 10 minutes with full-traceability recording.

Defects in critical areas can be identified with just one rotation of a portable phased-array probe.

Wheel Inspection Robot

Automated detection of surface and sub-surface cracks in train wheels as they come to a halt at a station.

Customized GUI displays real-time A-scan and S-scan images (shown) revealing surface and internal cracks.

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Check Tracks Faster

Automated Multi-function Track Measurement Trolley

Quickly analyse rail wear and track geometry in permanent way infrastructure with higher data coverage over foot patrolling. Free up valuable track access time for other maintenance and renewal works. This innovation was awarded the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) International Railway Group Award 2018 for improving workforce safety and health and enhancing infrastructure asset integrity.

With its modular, portable and user-friendly design, the Automated Multi-function Track Measurement Trolley allows running rail inspections to be conducted efficiently.

Identify and Correct Causes of Failures to Prevent Recurrences

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Rail Break Forensic Analysis​

Evidence-based diagnostic and prognostic analysis to provide vital root cause and failure mode data.

Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM) for fractographic analysis allows study of surface features and cracks without having to cut out the fracture surface.

Laser Cladding Repair System​

Repairs worn or damaged rail surfaces, crossings and switches up to 3x faster.

Cladding of a UIC60 Rail Head. Reliability tests carried out on laser cladded rail specimens show good wear and durability performance.

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