Artist impression of Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link Station in Bukit Chagar, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Photo: MRT Corp

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Experience-led solutions & deep engineering capabilities

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Strong transport planning experience, customer experience know-how and engineering capabilities enable us to support any mobility project with turnkey design-build-operate-maintain-transfer solutions.

Operational Readiness, Operation & Maintenance

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Operational Readiness Consultancy Services

Our multi-disciplinary team draws on our proven expertise in engineering, operation and maintenance to help ensure processes, systems and competencies are well-planned, tested, implemented for safe and sustainable steady-state Railway & Depot operations.

We are your trusted partner for:


Achieve a flawless start-up by ensuring all operational procedures, documents, approvals and required staff are in place.

Start-Up Operation

Enjoy a trouble-free day-one as we focus on your total readiness; from facilitating staff training programmes to developing and implementing new operational processes.

Steady-state Operation

Ensure efficient operation of trains, networks and depots as well as timely maintenance of the rolling stock, depot and the infrastructure by preparing your operation teams for new responsibilities in relation to current and future performance. 

Operational Readiness Consultancy

We provide complete assessment and planning from the design phase through to steady-state operation. Ensure deadlines and milestones are met, prepare your workforce for operational excellence and reduce overall life cycle costs.

Operational Readiness

We have diverse experience and world class capabilities in Project Management and Operation & Maintenance of rail transit systems. From assessing readiness from an operator’s point of view, to improving systems and operations. Once we get your network up and running, we continue testing and commissioning the rail system and conduct safety audits to ensure safety, reliability and comfort.

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Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Our deep experience in management and operation and maintenance engineering will help you meet reliability, availability, maintainability, supportability, and safety standards in your rail and road systems.

Our strength lies in our system-wide domain expertise, complemented by familiarity with the latest technological advances, and our spirit of innovation.

  1. Extensive experience managing rail and road assets throughout their lifecycle.
  2. Proven capabilities in brownfield maintenance, repair, overhaul and renewal works concurrent with rail operation.
  3. Expertise in successfully mobilising greenfield Grade-of-Automation 4 (GoA4) metro lines.

We can help you

Plan and define project concepts, scope and requirements

Design full-transport systems, including stations, track, signaling and control networks

Build integrated Mechanical & Electrical, civil, and rail systems to deliver high standards and optimized life-cycle costs

Operate-Maintain innovative, reliable and safe transport systems

Transfer infrastructure, assets, systems, and competencies

Experience-led solutions

Optimize operational efficiency with an integrated platform for staff scheduling. Our intense efforts to improve rail reliability achieved a record high in 2020.

  • High reliability and service standards
  • Strong Operation & Maintenance, GoA4 driverless operation expertise
  • Ecosystem of mobility solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Innovative customer service experience
  • Non-fare revenue growth and sustainability specialists

Deep engineering capabilities builder

Our multi-year modernisation of Singapore’s North South East West Line is the biggest project on a ‘live’ MRT station anywhere in the world. Work takes place 24/7 in depots, tunnels, in stations, and on tracks during 3-hour windows when trains are not running.

  • Extensive expertise in brownfield modification, upgrading, rejuvenation and maintenance works, with proven track record of working in Simultaneous Operation (SIMOP) mode to minimize service disruptions
  • Design and delivery of rail-system renewal programmes
  • Design and delivery of Applied Rail Technologies and solutions for operation and maintenance

Mobility and Transit Solutions & Services

Singapore has the longest automated metro system in the world with all of its MRT lines having 4th grade automation.

  • Operator-Integrator of all transport nodes including fully-automated, GoA4 driverless trains
  • Operator-Integrator of robust maintenance solutions from non-destructive inspection and condition monitoring systems to data-collection solutions

Operator-Integrator of robust maintenance solutions from non-destructive inspection and condition monitoring systems to data-collection solutions

  • Singapore Railway Standards
  • World-class quality safety and security systems
  • Proven professional training technologies and programmes
  • Integrated incident response and business contingency operation