Artist impression of Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link Station in Bukit Chagar, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Photo: MRT Corp

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Non-Fare Optimisation & Maximisation

Improve the viability of any development with a suite of services from market analysis and positioning to retail concept design, trade-mix planning, rental structures and tenant management.

Underpin your non-fare offerings with robust commercialization models to ensure sustainable growth for your clients and their customers.

Deliver the Right Customer Experience at the Right Time and Place

Turn Small Spaces into Big Revenue

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Advertising & Retail Marketing

Take advantage of our operational expertise in project marketing, lease management, facility maintenance and advertising & media management to increase yield and capital value of your commercial assets.

Asset Enhancement

Through space planning and optimization, commercial development and sustainable design intervention strategies, we can maximise your asset value and non-fare revenue.

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Plan for Profitability

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Retail Property Management

We have solutions and services to design all factors that drive profitability. We develop and implement innovative strategies and operations that bring customers and grow businesses.

Retail Store Layout Planning

Create retail spaces that delight by optimizing traffic flow and customer behaviour to maximise space-efficiency and minimise construction costs.

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Boost Tenant Loyalty. Increase Asset Value

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Tenant Engagement Strategies

From tenant acquisition to arrears management, our services focus on fostering positive tenant relations by providing guidance and support to advocate for and retain them for the long-run.

Property Maintenance Strategies

Our experience-borne strategies guide and streamline reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance activities. Keep property asset values up and keep your tenants and customers safe and satisfied.

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Customer–led Brand Experiences to Engage Both Hearts and Minds

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Customer Experience for Transit Spaces

Service Excellence drives business.

Our deep understanding of the commuter journey and expectations in a fast-paced transit space sets us apart. Use our experience to accelerate yours!

Customer Experience (CX) Framework

We offer expertise in Customer Experience strategy, design and implementation. We’ll teach you how to persuade stakeholders and employees to adopt, fund, and implement an engaging CX strategy.

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“Big Ideas” to Capture Audiences and Build Communities

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Marketing Ecosystem Consultancy

Build up core marketing capabilities in analytics, branding, User Experience (UX), and creative/media campaign planning to support and create business opportunities. Commercialise creativity for growth!

Transit-Oriented Development Consultancy

Revitalise communities and realise the potential for transit-supportive land uses with high-quality mixed-used developments.

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Deepen Customer Relationships

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Technology-enabled Rewards Program

Our digital-first approach engages every new opportunity, or problem, with the assumption that the solution should be as digital as possible. Our Offline-To-Online focus has enhanced our media assets with programmatic marketing capabilities.

Our award-winning WINK+ App was created to serve as Stellar Ace’s engagement platform to reward users with points for active engagements within the WINK+ ecosystem via travel, scans and participation in activities.